Moderate Sedation Analgesia A Guide for Safe and Effective Sedation

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10.0 AANA Class A Credits
3.00 AANA CE Credits in pharmacology/therapeutics.
Course Expiration Date: 2/28/2023

This program has been prior approved by the American Association of Nurse Anesthesiology for 10.00 Class A CE credits; Code Number 1038807; Expiration Date 2/28/2023.

AANA designates this program as meeting the criteria for up to 3.00 CE Credits in pharmacology/therapeutics.

AANA is an approved provider by the California Board of Registered Nursing, CEP # 10862.

No outside financial support.

Through Demonstration and Case Studies, the participant will be introduced to the following:

  • Demonstrate care for the patient during pre-procedure, intra-procedure, and post-procedure phases of sedation.
  • Effectively manage complications which might arise during moderate sedation.
  • Document clearly, completely, and according to established standards, policies and instructions.
  • List the drugs, routes, and dosages for the drugs commonly used in moderate sedation.
  • Discuss antidotes (dosage, side effects, indications) for commonly used drugs with sedation.
  • Identify side effects and contraindications to medications that have the potential to suppress a patient’s protective reflexes and respiration.



The learner will be able to:

  1. Define the levels of sedation/analgesia.
  2. Identify critical elements of the patient preoperative assessment.
  3. Demonstrate a Mallampati airway assessment.
  4. Explain the values of pulse oximetry and capnograph.
  5. Discuss the issues involving non-anesthesia providers giving propofol.
  6. Discuss the affect of language on patient outcomes with and without the presence of hypnotic drugs such as midazolam.
  7. Discuss the Scope of Practice for non-anesthesia RNs.
  8. Compare and contrast various I.V. moderate and P.O. minimal sedation agents.
  9. Identify age specific considerations for safe and effective sedation.
  10. Review the impact of Florence Nightingale, language and nursing.


50 Randomized Question Exam 80% or better required for CE credits.

Two attempts allowed.