I enjoyed this course. The music is taking the drugs to a desired level of sedation. Patients’s statements to me and my employer have all been positive about the addition of the music (with hypnosis) They proclaim they are more relaxed. Thank you.

– Karla Irvin, RN

Wonderful speaker. His total belief in patient care was nice and refreshing. Learned a lot and definitely interested in more courses from this speaker.

– Susan Lombardo

I really enjoyed the class, loved relaxed atmosphere, very conducive to learning. Thank you!
– Pam Peak

This course is excellent for Conscious Sedation Nurses – whether experienced or inexperienced. I especially liked the complimentary therapy session, it dealt with interventions that I had never thought of before. Thank you!
– Angie Isham

Course was great! I wish you could have a seminar @ my hospital with all of the staff and MD’s
– Stacy Adams

I feel much more prepared to take the challenge of sedation requirements back to my ED. It’s functioned as kind of a “gray area” I’ve gotten a lot of ideas for staff development. Thanks!
 – Mary Anne Patterson

Great experience – addressed several issues that I have been interested in – looking forward to attending more classes and expanding my knowledge base

– Tiffany Brown, RN