Conflict Resolution 5 Contact Hours

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5.0 Contact Hours

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Course Summary

Conflict can lead to anger and violence, and it is well documented that there is bound to be conflict whenever two or more people come together. This is true in any job or profession and even in marriage. This self-study workshop will give participants a seven-step conflict resolution process that they can use and modify to resolve conflict disputes of any size. Participants will also be provided a set of skills in solution building and finding common ground.

In the Conflict Resolution workshop, participants will learn crucial conflict management skills, including dealing with anger and using the Agreement Frame. Dealing with conflict is essential for every relationship and organization, no matter what the size. If conflict is left unchecked or unresolved, it can lead to lost production, absences, attrition, and even lawsuits. The Workplace Violence workshop tells how conflict has led to shootings in healthcare facilities.


The participant will be able to:

  1. Discuss conflict and conflict resolution meaning
  2. List all six phases of the conflict resolution process
  3. List the five main styles of conflict resolution
  4. Identify basic communication tools
  5. Practice basic anger and stress management techniques

25 Randomized Question Exam 80% or better required for CE credits.

Two attempts allowed.