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5.0 CE Credits


MyCEcredit is approved as a provider of hypnosis continuing education credits by The National Guild of Hypnotists, 5.0 Credit Hours

Course description:
Hypnosis is a well validated treatment for acute and chronic pain (Montgomery, DuHamel, & Redd, 2000). It has been found capable of reducing inflammation, altering blood flow, and producing beneficial effects when hypnotic suggestions are provided during and prior to surgery (Frederick, 2001) and other painful medical procedures.

This course quotes extensively from historical examples of the use of hypnosis (mesmerism) as the sole anesthesia for major surgeries in the 1800’s.

Learning Objectives
The participant will be able to:

1. Review the history of hypnosis for anesthesia from the 19th century to the 21st century.
2. Review mesmerism case reports by Dr. James Esdaile.
3. Discuss hypoaesthesia case reports showing the value of hypnosis on surgical outcomes during the 1990s.
4. Compare research-based sedation outcomes when hypnosis was included as an adjunct to midazolam and Alfentanil during sedation.
5. Evaluate studies showing the beneficial outcomes of hypnosis on Intra-op bleeding, intra and post-op pain, and post-op nausea and vomiting,

25 Randomized Question Exam 80% or better required for CE credits.

Two attempts allowed.